We believe in helping people streamline their lifestyle. At OYOBox we design contemporary high quality products to help you organize your life.

The OYOBox luxury eyewear organizer allows you to store and organize your designer frames in style. Never again rummage through dressers and drawers to choose your eyewear for the day. Eyewear belongs in an OYOBox same as jewelry belongs in a jewelry box.

Studies show that most people own multiple pairs of eyewear and spend valuable time every day searching for the right pair since most are kept in travel cases in dark places. To bring your eyewear collection into the light, we created the OYOBox eyewear organizer. At OYOBox we believe that if you love your glasses you should be able to see and enjoy them on a daily basis.

The company founders passionately worked with an extensive team of European designers and engineers to tackle all facets of creating the unique and original OYOBox. Containing a specially engineered partition, OYOBox can accommodate up to eight pairs of reading glasses and sunglasses from your small readers to your large trendy sunnies.

Our latest design is the OYOBox jewelry edition, a unisex jewelry box containing large modern compartments to allow for the easy storage of fashion jewelry for men and women. The OYOBox jewelry edition continues to spread our brand’s core message “SEE-CHOOSE-WEAR”.


An aesthetically pleasing exterior and luxurious interior are unique features of OYOBox. All of our products are handcrafted to include seven layers of meticulously applied lacquer finish. The OYOBox brand contains an extensive array of vibrant colors and wood finishes to compliment any style or décor.

OYOBox is a well-crafted necessity for the modern day minimalist. Our collections are available at select national and international upscale boutiques, luxury optical stores, lifestyle stores, department stores and gift shops at prestigious hotels and museums.



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