Amazing idea, great design! Finally a trendy box that allows me to store all my designer glasses together. I love seeing all of my favorite pairs next to each other and being able to pick which pair I want to wear with ease. I love my oyobox.  
Jessica P., Boca Raton, FL

 The oyobox has revolutionized the way I store my glasses.  
Jacqueline M., Boston, MA

 I wear reading glasses all the time and have many fashionable pairs to match my different outfits and moods. I used to experience frustration in the mornings, trying to find the right pair in drawers and cases all over my bedroom! I ordered my Oyobox online and received it three days later. Its amazing how much I enjoy storing all my reading glasses and prescription sunglasses in my beautiful red oyobox. Highly recommended for all people who enjoy their glasses as a fashion accessory. 
Jasmine R., Chicago, IL

 I ordered a black Oyobox as a gift for my wife who has more sunglasses than Sophia Lauren. At first she openend the beautifully wrapped outer box and gave me a wondering look, asking what I got for her birthday. She put her oyobox in her walk-in closet and has been enjoying using it since then. She loves this gift so much that she went online and ordered a second one for herself! Great gift, superb quality.  
Stephen S., Beverly Hills, CA

 Amazing gift idea for anyone who enjoys designer eyewear! I started carrying Oyoboxes in my optical store in downtown Seattle. I keep re-ordering different colors because they fly off the shelves. High quality original product, great addition to my product line. 
Patrick B., Seattle, WA

 The Colors are breathtaking, the quality impeccable! Best original gift idea of the New York International Gift Show 2013. 
Michelle B., New York City

 I have been wearing glasses my entire life and didn't even know how much I needed an oyobox until I started using it. Super useful! 
Rachel L., Alpine, NJ

 I ordered a yellow oyobox for my 16 year old daughter who wears reading glasses. She told me that its "awesome" and recommended it to all her friends. 
Isabella A., Portland, OR


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